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Week 1

Lecture 1: Introduction

Tuesday, August 20

What is visualization? Why is it important? Who are we? Course overview.

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Recommended reading

Lecture 2: Perception, Cognition, Color

Thursday, August 22

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Mandatory reading

  • VAD, Chapters 10.2-10.3, Color Theory and Colormaps

Recommended reading

Week 2

Lecture 3: Version Control; HTML and SVG.

Tuesday, August 27

Introduction to git. HTML, CSS and the DOM. Selectors, etc.

Lecture 4: Data Abstraction, Data Types.

Thursday, August 29

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Mandatory reading

  • VAD, Chapter 2, Data Abstraction

Recommended reading

Week 3

Lecture 5: JavaScript Basics

Tuesday, September 3

An Introduction to JavaScript and D3.

Mandatory reading

  • D3 Book, Chapter 3, go over JavaScript parts.

Recommended reading

Lecture 6: The Visualization Alphabet: Marks and Channels.

Thursday, September 5

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Mandatory reading

Recommended reading

Week 4

Lecture 7: DOM Manipulation, D3

Tuesday, September 10

Manipulating the DOM with the standard API, D3 Selections, Data Binding, Scales, Axes

Mandatory reading

  • D3 book, Chapters 4, 5 and 6

Recommended reading

Lecture 8: Design Guidelines

Thursday, September 12

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Mandatory reading

Recommended reading

Week 5

Lecture 9: D3 Maps

Tuesday, September 17

GeoJSON, TopoJSON, Choropleth Maps, Proportional Symbol Maps, Google Maps

Mandatory reading

  • D3 book, Chapters 11 and 12

Recommended reading

Lecture 10: Interaction

Thursday, September 19

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Mandatory reading

Week 6

Lecture 11: D3 Layouts

Tuesday, September 24

Pie charts, tree maps, node-link diagrams, matrices, etc.

Mandatory reading

  • D3 book, Chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10

Recommended reading

Lecture 12: Views; Focus and Context

Thursday, September 26

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Mandatory reading

  • VDA Chapter 12, Facet into Multiple Views
  • VDA Chapter 14, Embed: Focus + Context

Week 7

Lecture 13: Advanced JS and D3

Tuesday, October 1

JS in depth: promises and writing async code. Spread operator.
D3 in depth: brushes, how to structure multiple view visualizations.

Exam: Fundamentals. Thursday, October 3

Week 8

Fall Break

Week 9

Lecture 15: Visualizing Tabular Data (Two Parts)

Tuesday, October 15

Mandatory reading

  • VDA Chapter 7, Tables

Lecture 16: Visualizing Tabular Data (Two Parts)

Thursday, October 17

Mandatory reading

  • VDA Chapter 7, Tables

Week 10

VIS Conference, Staff traveling. Classes cancelled.

Week 11

Lecture 19: Project Peer Feedback in Groups

Tuesday, October 29

Week 12

Lecture 21: Visualizing Graphs and Trees (Two Parts)

Tuesday, November 5

Lecture 22: Visualizing Graphs and Trees (Two Parts)

Thursday, November 7

Week 13

Project Feedback with Instructors

Mo, Nov. 11 - Fr, Nov. 15

You will schedule a 20-minute time-slot with one of the instructors to receive feedback on your project.

Lecture 23: Tasks Analysis, Designing and Evaluating Visualizations

Tuesday, November 12

Mandatory reading

Recommended reading

Lecture 24: Maps

Thursday, November 14

Week 14

Lecture 25: Filtering & Aggregation

Tuesday, November 21

Mandatory reading

  • VDA Ch. 13 Reduce Items and Attributes

Week 15

Thursday: Thanksgiving Break

Week 16

Lecture 27: Best Project Presentations, Wrap-Up

Tuesday, December 3

Exam 2. Thursday, December 5